Zoran Puljic

Mozaik Foundation
Year founded: 
Bosnia and Herzegovina


Mozaik helps citizens in Bosnia and Herzegovina organize and advance their communities by providing financial and advisory assistance.

Focus: Community Development, Unemployment, Civic Participation
Geographic Area of Impact: Bosnia-Herzegovina
Model: Hybrid Non-Profit
Number of Direct Beneficiaries: 484,100 (2010)
Annual Budget: US$ 1,225,000 (2010)
Percentage Earned Revenue: 3%
Recognition: Regional Social Entrepreneur of the Year, Central and Eastern Europe, 2010

Bosnia-Herzegovina is a country still undergoing post-war development. Its population is ethically divided and its citizens and politicians contend with the war’s legacy of mistrust. Most local civil society organizations still rely on foreign donors and adapt their work to outside demands, thus becoming increasingly disconnected from their beneficiaries, members and communities. Attitudes inherited from a pre-war system, in which people expected the state to resolve all their problems, contribute to the inactivity and lack of initiatives within local communities. Since Foreign Direct Investment does not reach all parts of the country, poverty is increasing in rural areas.

Innovation and Activities
The Mozaik Foundation is a social enterprise directed towards the social and economic development of Bosnia and Herzegovina through the provision of financial and advisory support to community action. It focuses on local resource mobilization and the sustainability of social and economic development by implementing a range of programmes that support initiatives in rural communities.

Mozaik motivates community members to identify and mobilize their local human, financial and material resources to take control of their lives. The foundation does not prescribe the types of projects communities should engage in, but instead works with local representatives to help define priorities, devise and support solutions to local problems and then implement beneficial community projects. Grants provided by Mozaik aim to achieve concrete, tangible results within communities, while developing processes that will improve relations among community members-at-large.

In 2009 Mozaik established two for-profit companies whose revenues would fully support the foundation, while also providing jobs for 100 women of different ethnic backgrounds from the most rural areas of the country. EkoMozaik produces high-quality honey from 1,000 beehives, starting with the integral production of herbs, flowers and vegetables in a modern 5,000m2 greenhouse. The second company, the MaSta Agency, promotes corporate social responsibility and organises large corporate events.

The Entrepreneur
A pioneer of post-war reconciliation in the late 1990's, Zoran Puljic emerged from the last decade with an innovative approach to community development. A visionary integration of entrepreneurship, reconciliation, economic and social development led the Mozaik Foundation to become a leading hybrid organization in central and eastern Europe.

Puljic has served as a member and chairperson of numerous domestic and international boards, including the German Marhall Fund (Balkan Trust for Democracy), European Foundation Centre (Grantmakers East Forum), the Resource Alliance and others. He founded the first Bosnian think-tank, Populari, and currently serves on two for-profit management boards in Bosnia and Herzegovina. He was a Duke University Fellow in Civil Society, INSEAD Fellow in Social Entrepreneurship and BoardSource Fellow in non-profit governance. He holds an MBA and an MA degree in Development, and is also fluent in English, German and Spanish.