Sergio Andrade

Agenda Pública

Agenda Pública develops capabilities and implementation solutions for public policies, coordinating partnerships among local governments, civil society, and private companies. Services are provided across a wide range of municipal government agencies including housing, sanitation, and health.

Employment, Skills, and Human Capital and Infrastructure, Long-term Investing, and Development
Geographic Area of Impact: Brazil
Model: Hybrid non-profit
Number of DirecBeneficiaries: 10,600 (2014)
Annual Budget: USD $441,000 (2014)
Percentage Earned Revenue: 47%

The Social Problem
Small and medium-sized Brazilian municipalities have many difficulty in implementing effective policies according to the different demands from citizens and organized groups. That is because of public managers’ low management skills to promote intersectorial associations and to establish effective implementation arrangements on policies. Furthermore, the institutional development of policies in Brazil has included new responsibilities in terms of governance, transparency, financial, political and technological issues. These new requirements demand an enhancement of capabilities and resources in all instances of the government. 
Innovation and Activities
Agenda Pública develops capabilities and solutions for public policies implementation, coordinating partnerships among local governments, civil society, and private companies. It does this by providing technical assistance and training for local public administrators, for them to better manage their municipalities, apart from offering seminars, workshops and mentoring to administrators on the structuring of city councils, policy development, strategic planning, project and budget management, public service implementation, monitoring, and evaluation. We provide these services across a wide range of municipal government agencies including education, housing, sanitation, and health. Agenda Pública has prepared over 10,000 administrators and councilors on public management, accountability, basic policies and policy development.

Agenda Pública associates directly with the mining companies that have active mines, such as Anglo American, Votorantim, and Mineração Rio do Norte, to deliver its services. The mining companies fund the program through their CSR budgets because they realize they are under greater scrutiny by the local populations - and yet improving the delivery of social services that local populations care about requires effective government administrators. As an example, Agenda Pública partnered with Anglo American to prepare civil servants and citizens in the city of Barro Alto, which resulted in the creation of 37 city councils and new municipal plans for health, housing, education, as well as the implementation of other public policies and better management. This experience has been recognized as a global good practice by the ICMM (International Council on Mining and Metals).

Agenda Pública currently works in six states at the regional level. We are expanding into the Amazon to address the dire need of municipalities with the most marginalized communities. At the national level, we have created a program called Escola de Políticas Públicas (School of Public Policy) that provides educational solutions like mentoring and interchange programs, online courses and other learning programs ( We are also part of the Extractive Industries Dialogue Group in order to have a regional presence in Latin America.
The Entrepreneur
Sergio Andrade was raised in the countryside of the state of Minas Gerais where mining companies had a detrimental impact on the region. He holds an undergraduate degree in Political Science from the University of São Paulo and a specialization in International Economic Negotiations. He spent years working for the Brazilian mining company Vale and the Nestle Foundation for Culture, after which he decided to found Agenda Pública to constructively leverage his experience to address the root cause of the problem.