Selection Process

The Schwab Foundation searches for leading social entrepreneurs around the world. Social Entrepreneurs have been selected into the Foundation’s network after a thorough due diligence process, including outside expert reviews and site visits. Until today, the network includes over 250 social entrepreneurs.


Step 1 - Those interested in being considered as candidates complete the application form. Information gathered in the selection process will remain confidential and submit additional information such as a Curriculum Vitae, a recent evaluation report of the organization, income statements, etc.

Step 2- The Schwab Foundation and local experts review the information forms submitted by Second Round Candidates. Those who qualify are invited to be semi-finalists. At this stage, further information is gathered through site visits to the candidate's organization and/or interviews with the candidate and key informants. This due diligence step enables the selection of the finalists.

Step 3Finalists Selected

Step 4 Selection Committee (Schwab Foundation Board Members) selects the winners

Step 5 - Winners are annouced