Claudio Sassaki


Geekie is a social business developing an adaptive learning platform able to customize and empower the learning experience of Brazilian students by analysing their individual performance.

Focus: Education, technology
Geographic Area of Impact: Brazil
Model: Hybrid non-profit
Number of Direct Beneficiaries: 2 million registered users; 600,000 active users
Annual Budget: USD $514,650 (2013)
Percentage Earned Revenue: 55% (2013)

The Social Problem
In 2013 there were more than 40 million students in public schools in Brazil. However, permanence and progress in school, as well as fair access to higher education, are largely dependent upon the pupils’ background. In 2012, among the 50 schools with the best performance in ENEM (the national merit exam, used as a gateway to higher education), there were in fact no municipal or state institutions. Increasing the quality of education for all - hence reducing deep societal disparities - remain of central importance for the country’s future development.

Innovation and Activities
Geekie focuses on solutions in the field of education using innovative technology. It is one of the most famous and successful start-ups in Brazil, and is pioneering ground-breaking learning systems. It offers a platform with many features, which include personalization of the study experience and self-assessment, diagnostic evaluation focused on school learning management, as well as adaptive learning technology with personalized content.

The flagships of Geekie are ‘Geekie Games’, a free online service to prepare for ENEM, and ‘Geekie Teste’, which provides online tests that act as a fast and efficient tool for diagnosis and management of school learning. Geekie adopts a hybrid model of revenue generation. Free access to ‘Geekie Games’ throughout Brazil is sponsored by partners to cover the costs for public school students, while assessment services and learning management tools generate direct revenues from contracts with schools and education networks, and from partnerships with civil society organizations.

In 2013, more than 17,000 schools and students from 92% of Brazil’s municipalities participated in Geekie activities, thanks to ‘Geekie Games’ and partnerships with state departments. Furthermore, to date over 3 million video lessons have been watched, nearly 7 million text lessons have been consulted, over 40 million tests have been taken, and around 3.7 million personalized study plans have been created. Overall, students who used Geekie products recorded performance up to 30% higher than those who did not. 80% of Geeekie’s registered users in 2013 were students from public schools.

The Entrepreneur
Claudio Sassaki's experience with education began with the creation of an NGO called Movimento Jovem, which offered cultural and sport experiences and focused on the development of interpersonal skills for youths. Throughout his career, he has been involved in the management of different NGOs, and also served strategic positions at Credit Suisse, Goldman Sachs and Petra Energia. He holds an MBA and a master's degree in education from Stanford University.

Eduardo Bontempo worked at Rio Bravo and Credit Suisse as an analyst and was involved in the first IPO of Anhanguera, a Brazilian education company. Eduardo and Claudio met in the business world, but a passion for education made them both rethink their careers and invest in Geekie. Eduardo was enrolled in an MBA at MIT, but left his studies to create Geekie with Claudio.